E-Commerce Website & Social Media Integration for Southern Clothing Store

Responsive website design for clothing company


We worked with Dallas Wayne Boot Company to develop a powerful e-commerce website with thousands of inventory items. By working with Trajectory, Dallas Wayne Boot Company now:

  • Experiences a boost in sales through their website. We developed an e-commerce website that showcases Dallas Wayne Boot Company’s inventory and makes it easy for customers to make their purchase online.
  • Offers a consistent experience to a wider audience of customers. We created a website that’s in line with Dallas Wayne Boot Company’s style and values, giving new and returning customers a convenient method for interacting with them online.
  • Engages with more than 4,500 social media followers. We integrated social media links throughout the website to encourage users to share Dallas Wayne Boot Company’s product. They now have a solid following on both Facebook and Instagram.
We created a user-friendly e-commerce website

About Dallas Wayne Boot Company

Dallas Wayne Boot Company, located in Valdosta, Georgia, is a brick-and-mortar business offering men’s, women’s, and children’s styles of boots and southern clothing. Their storefront in the Valdosta Mall has been consistently successful since their opening in 2011.

They sell a wide variety of apparel, including short and long-sleeve t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, swim trunks, boots, sunglasses, hats, and wallets. They also sell accessory items such as coolers, drinkware, and koozies. All of their items share a common theme of southern living, and their marketing promotes adventure, the outdoors, and social get-togethers. Recently, they have opened a second storefront in Thomasville, Georgia.

The redesigned website is optimized for mobile devices
The redesigned website is optimized for mobile devices

The Challenges

Prior to working with Trajectory, Dallas Wayne Boot Company faced three main challenges in their web design needs:

  1. Limitations on their sales opportunities. Without an online store, Dallas Wayne Boot Company was limited to making sales in their storefront and during the mall’s operating hours. They experienced high sales during those times and were looking to expand those opportunities.
  2. Limitations on their ability to connect with customers. Customers now expect all companies to have a website where they can learn more information and, in Dallas Wayne Boot Company’s case, make a purchase. Without this website, they were limited to interactions inside the store. Dallas Wayne Boot Company was also limited to making sales to customers who walked into their store.
  3. Few social media followers. Like many businesses, Dallas Wayne Boot Company had social media accounts, but the user engagement was low. Also like many businesses, they were unsure about what they could do to build a stronger following and weren’t sure that it was worth investing time and resources into.

Dallas Wayne Boot Company felt limited without a website and online store. They were experiencing great sales in their mall location and they knew there had to be opportunities to grow even further.

How Trajectory Helped

We were committed to helping Dallas Wayne Boot Company overcome these challenges, and we followed a strategic approach to make this happen:

1. We built a powerful, responsive e-commerce website. When we first spoke with the team at Dallas Wayne Boot Company, it was clear that they needed a website. More importantly, it was clear that they needed an online store. We developed an e-commerce site with thousands of items of inventory and the ability to process a variety of payment methods. With clean code and a responsive design, the site loads quickly across all devices, giving users even more incentive to make a purchase wherever they are.

The new landing page features a bold, striking design

2. We created a website design consistent with their storefront. Dallas Wayne Boot Company is a popular store in the Valdosta Mall, and their customers became familiar with their style. When working with the team, we incorporated a logo, colors, and messaging that was consistent with a customer’s experience shopping in the storefront. With SEO-friendly content and code, we also made it possible for new users beyond the Valdosta area to find Dallas Wayne Boot Company online.

The e-commerce website allows users to make a purchase on their mobile device

3. We offered several methods for users to connect on social media. In addition to adding links to their social media accounts on the website, we added sharing buttons to every single product page. These give users the opportunity to send items to friends and post them on social media, which both drives engagement with Dallas Wayne Boot Company’s social media accounts as well as encourages sales to a wider audience.

Our team was directly involved in each one of these steps. We had open, honest conversations with the Dallas Wayne Boot Company leadership team and provided frequent updates to ensure that we were hitting the mark throughout the process.

We designed a website that functions across all devices

The Results

When the Dallas Wayne Boot Company website launched, their team had an online interface that made it easy for them to connect with more customers and make more sales. We addressed each of their three key challenges, and they have experienced the following results:

  1. An increase in sales. Their new website instantly provided a new way to make sales — even after the storefront closed for the day. Visitors to the site experience quick page loading speeds, a responsive design that works on any device, and an easy method for navigating the thousands of inventory items available. Dallas Wayne Boot Company has increased their sales ever since their website launched.
  2. The ability to connect with more users more frequently. Now that Dallas Wayne Boot Company has a website that they are proud to claim, they are able to share it with new and returning customers to the store, giving them a consistent experience both online and offline. They are also able to connect with users who live outside of Valdosta and find their website through online search.
  3. A solid social media following with more than 4,500 users. Between their storefront, website links, and product page sharing, Dallas Wayne Boot Company offers multiple methods for their customers to connect with them on social media. As of October 2016, they had 1,418 Facebook likes and 3,180 Instagram followers, giving them the opportunity to promote their items to a large, engaged audience.

The Dallas Wayne Boot Company buying experience went from shopping in a mall store to interacting with a successful brand across a variety of platforms. Their website redesign, with the help of Trajectory, now enables them to generate more sales, offer a consistent shopping experience for their customers, and connect with followers online.

The redesigned website is optimized for tablets

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