Marketing Materials & Online Scheduling Tool for Dog Day Care

Responsive website design for dog day care


We worked with Hound Playground to develop a modern, playful website to advertise their doggie day care services. By working with Trajectory, Hound playground now:

  • Offers consistent marketing material online and offline. We created a website, business cards, and marketing flyers consistent with Hound Playground’s branding in order to generate interest in their business before it launches.
  • Provides an easy online scheduling tool for customers. We developed a contact form that allows users to schedule a trial day at Hound Playground entirely online, making it more likely that their website visitors will convert to paying customers.
  • Provides strong aesthetics and functionality across all devices. We hand-coded a responsive website that offers quick page load times and an enjoyable user experience across all devices — including desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.
The redesigned website offers a balance of visual and textual elements

About Hound Playground

Hound Playground, located in Decatur, Georgia, is set to open in June 2017 and will offer dog day care, overnight boarding, and bathing services just a short drive from downtown Atlanta. Some of their key features include a Family Member Points bonus program and a live webcam that customers can use to check in on their pups remotely.

Their target audience includes dog owners of all ages who want to provide the best for their dogs. They may be Atlanta residents with busy schedules, working professionals who travel for business frequently, tourists vacationing near Atlanta, and/or individuals who want to ensure their dogs get plenty of exercise, socialization, and attention each day.

Users can access the redesigned website from their mobile devices
Hound Playground

The Challenges

Prior to working with Trajectory, Hound Playground faced three main challenges in their web design needs:

  1. A lack of marketing to promote their upcoming launch. Without marketing materials to attract potential customers and a professional website to guide them to, the owners of Hound Playground were limited to word-of-mouth marketing to promote their launch. As they handled the logistics of preparing for a successful launch, they didn’t have sufficient time or resources to devote to marketing, yet they needed to generate interest to ensure that their new business has a solid start.
  2. Appointments could only be booked by phone. When potential customers did discover Hound Playground, they had no method for easily booking an initial appointment. Hound Playground offers an initial, no-cost trial day that allows customers to test the waters before committing. Without an online scheduling tool to manage these bookings, the owners of Hound Playground could only share their phone number and field phone calls in the midst of preparing for their launch.
  3. Poor mobile experience and functionality through DIY website builder. In order to get a feel for what they wanted their website to look like, the owners of Hound Playground worked with a popular DIY website platform. During our initial contact with them, they noted that this website was merely a placeholder, not allowing them to add effective and attractive web elements and offering an extremely poor experience for their mobile users.

Hound Playground had an attractive business model that solved a popular need in the Atlanta area, but their limiting website and lack of supplementary marketing materials greatly restricted their ability to generate hype for their new business.

How Trajectory Helped

We were committed to helping Hound Playground overcome these challenges, and we followed a strategic approach to make this happen:

1. We designed a modern website and accompanying marketing flyers. Through an initial consultation and a detailed questionnaire, we learned what design Hound Playground was looking for on their new website and in their marketing materials. Our professional designers created a functional, aesthetically pleasing website that incorporated Hound Playground’s color scheme and logo. We then created accompanying business cards and marketing flyers that pulled in content from the website, providing a cohesive experience for every individual who encounters one of Hound Playground’s marketing pieces.

The Reservations page helps website visitors convert to customers

2. We created a simple, user-friendly online scheduling tool. The owners of Hound Playground emphasized their need for an online scheduling tool, which would make scheduling easier for their customers and help their business run more smoothly. We incorporated a scheduling form on their Reservations page and included calls to action throughout the site that linked to this page, making it easy for any interested customer to schedule their trial day with Hound Playground’s team.

We included an online scheduling tool on the new website

3. We developed a fully responsive website from scratch. Our developers wrote the code for the new Hound Playground website from scratch. Compared to DIY website builders, handwritten code results in much faster loading times, better rankings in search engines, and a greatly improved user experience. We chose responsive design so that the website would function properly across all devices, giving Hound Playground the tools they need to connect with desktop, tablet, and mobile users alike.

Our team was directly involved in each one of these steps. We had open, honest conversations with the owners of Hound Playground and provided frequent updates to ensure that we were hitting the mark throughout the process.

Responsive design means the website functions across all devices

The Results

When the Hound Playground website launched, their owners had a powerful online presence that impressed and engaged their target audience. We addressed each of their three key challenges, and they have experienced the following results:

  1. A consistent brand experience across all marketing materials. By creating marketing flyers and business cards that are cohesive with the new website, we set the foundation for Hound Playground to attract and retain the attention of Atlanta dog owners looking for local services.
  2. An online scheduling platform that automatically updates the owners. Now, when customers fill out the form to make a reservation, their information and selected date/time automatically appear in Hound Playground’s email inbox. Customers can book an appointment in a matter of minutes, and the owners of Hound Playground can spend less time on the phone — and more time on running a steady business.
  3. A responsive site that’s appealing to desktop, tablet, and mobile users alike. The owners of Hound Playground found their DIY website to be nonfunctional on mobile devices, meaning they were missing out on opportunities to connect with customers who found their website on a smartphone. The new site works extremely well on every device, giving Hound Playground the chance to draw more customers to their brand.

The Hound Playground website went from limiting and underwhelming to functional and compelling. Their website redesign, with the help of Trajectory, now enables them to attract local customers, offer a convenient online scheduling tool, and provide a strong first impression through their marketing efforts — both online and offline.

The website redesign is consistent with Hound Playground’s branding

“Josh and his team at Trajectory are excellent! They created a fabulous website for me. I was impressed by the entire process. They are always available to discuss concerns and work together to brainstorm ideas for improving the site. They are so helpful and creative. I also had Trajectory design business cards and other print marketing material. I am so happy working with them. They are the best company I have used. Excellent customer service and support. Thanks, Trajectory!”

— Alex Kunen, Hound Playground

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