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Responsive website design for cabin rental company


We worked with Toccoa House Properties to develop a website that showcased their cabin rental properties and made it easy for users to book a reservation. By working with Trajectory, Toccoa House Properties now:

  • Experiences low bounce rates and high conversion rates. We crafted a thoughtful design that would best showcase the cabin properties. By combining striking imagery with a fully responsive layout, the Toccoa House Properties website now draws in customers and leads to more bookings.
  • Offers a 3-minute booking and payment platform for customers. We developed an easy-to-use platform that allows users to view openings, book a reservation, and make a payment online. The complete process takes just a few minutes and has led to an increase in customers for Toccoa House Properties.
  • Manages bookings, calendars, and payments through their website. We created powerful administration tools that allows the team at Toccoa House Properties to manage their listings, schedule emails to new customers, and track the performance of each cabin.
Users can book their stay on a desktop or mobile device

About Toccoa House Properties

Toccoa House Properties, located in Blue Ridge, Georgia, is owned by the husband-wife team of Greg and Dana Spencer. They built a small cabin on the Toccoa River in the 1990s and, over time, have expanded to four cabin properties spread out over 16 acres of private land. They now live on the land as well, readily available for customers staying at one of their cabin properties.

Greg and Dana designed each of the cabins, and they have even lived in each one at certain periods to perfect the renting experience. The grounds on which the cabins are located include a swimming pool, fishing opportunities, river trips, disc golf, and walking trails, all of which are available to any customer who rents one of their cabins. In their marketing, Toccoa House Properties emphasizes how their hands-on involvement sets them apart from a typical rental management agency.

We incorporated visual elements that encourage visitors to become customers
Toccoa House Properties

The Challenges

Prior to working with Trajectory, Toccoa House Properties faced three main challenges in their web design needs:

  1. High bounce rates and low conversion rates. The previous THP website was outdated and offered little functionality. The homepage navigation was confusing and the layout was heavily text-based, often leading to customers backing out of the site to continue their search elsewhere.
  2. A difficult user experience for booking a reservation and making a payment. Before their website redesign, THP had to manually update blocks of text denoting which nights were already booked. The user experience from viewing a listing to making a reservation was disjointed and time-consuming.
  3. A lack of back-end functionality to manage their listings. Much like the THP team had to manually update availability, they had to manually keep track of reservations in preparation for guest stays. Their website provided no quantitative metrics for each cabin, failing to provide key data that could help them grow their business.

Toccoa House Properties had established a reputation of providing exceptional cabin getaways with local, hands-on management. Their previous website wasn’t an asset to their business, and it was missing the mark on providing an enjoyable user experience.

How Trajectory Helped

We were committed to helping Toccoa House Properties overcome these challenges, and we followed a strategic approach to make this happen:

1. We designed a responsive, image-driven website. It only took a few photos of the cabin properties for us to see that what Toccoa House Properties had to offer was beautiful and unique. We incorporated images throughout our design, prominently featuring the architecture, decor, and views of the cabins. We developed a fully responsive website with quick page loading speeds to provide the best user experience possible.

The redesigned website functions flawlessly on mobile devices

2. We created an easy-to-use booking and payment platform. We added reservation prompts to the listing pages, making it as easy as possible for users to book a vacation with Toccoa House Properties. Users can easily check availability for each cabin and view a full quote for the stay. Users can also pay for their booking in a matter of clicks, officially confirming their stay.

The new booking process takes just a few minutes to complete

3. We developed powerful back-end analytics. In addition to users making instant reservations through the website, the team at Toccoa House Properties can manage these reservations through the back-end of their website. We built a robust dashboard that allows the team at Toccoa House Properties to view information on guest activity, operational tasks that need to be completed, and revenue and sales. They can use the back-end of their website to confirm payment information and send emails to customers, giving them the ability to manage all of the day-to-day aspects of their business directly from their business.

As always, our team worked closely with the Toccoa House Properties team throughout the full development process. We carefully considered their unique needs and concerns and worked together throughout the process of addressing those needs.

Toccoa House Properties can access analytics directly on their website

The Results

When the new Toccoa House Properties website launched, their team had a website that would help their business grow. We addressed each of their three key challenges, and THP experienced the following results:

  1. A fast website that keeps users engaged as they browse. Their new website encourages users to browse for more information and makes it easy for them to convert to paying customers. Visitors to the site experience quick page loading speeds across all devices, leading to lower bounce rates and higher conversion rates for Toccoa House Properties.
  2. A user-friendly booking and payment platform. Users who are interested in booking with Toccoa House Properties can now do so in less than 3 minutes. The process of securing a property and making a payment is quick and straightforward, making it more likely that users will complete the booking process online. This feature also improves efficiency for Toccoa House Properties as they can spend less time manually making bookings and collecting payments.
  3. A powerful online platform for managing their business. Now that users can easily secure their booking through the new website, the team at Toccoa House Properties can spend less time managing bookings by phone and more time focusing on providing an unforgettable experience for their guests. The back-end of their website shows breaks down guest information, upcoming reservations, weekly/monthly schedules, and payment information.

The Toccoa House Properties website went from outdated and difficult to sleek and powerful. Their website redesign, with the help of Trajectory, now enables them to engage their customers, provide an easy booking and payment experience, and seamlessly manage the day-to-day of their business.

Users can look up cabin availability on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices

“Working with Trajectory to develop our website was a very easy process. They listened to what we were trying to accomplish and delivered a quality, easy-to-use site.”

— Greg Spencer, Toccoa House Properties

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