About Us

Trajectory (noun): the curve described by a projectile or rocket in flight; a chosen or taken course.

Our Process

In web design and otherwise, there are few feelings more frustrating than being promised one thing when you buy and being delivered another after you make the purchase. This is just one reason that our owner and creative director, Josh Worden, personally handles every step of your website creation and design. He’s the person you talk to from the very beginning, and he’s the same one who’s by your side every day thereafter.

When you have your first consultation with Trajectory, we’ll learn about your unique needs and have an honest conversation about your budget, concerns, timeline, and goals. We’ll outline a plan for your website, communicate with you, ask for feedback, and ultimately design, write, and develop your new site. From there, we’ll work with you through the stages of deployment, training, and continued maintenance. We’re dedicated to your success through the long haul.

Our History

Trajectory began more than 15 years ago from an interest in HTML, a coding language commonly used to create websites. Josh Worden began learning the ins and outs of coding and applied that knowledge to create websites for friends and families. He quickly learned that there was a pressing need for professional web developers to personally work with their clients and to create fast, responsive websites that inform and excite users.

Since then, the Trajectory team has grown to include web designers from a variety of backgrounds and with a range of specialties. The team and the client base grew, but the initial concept remained intact: to allow small business owners to work directly with web design experts in order to grow their businesses.

Our Clients

We work with clients in a wide variety of industries, but we see a common thread in the day-to-day problems they face. Their sites are outdated, they’re not seeing results, or they’ve been burned by a web design company that cut corners to squeeze out a bigger profit. These clients care about their customers, are passionate about their business, and typically juggle their business with all the other responsibilities they have in life.

We decided that there was no better way to empathize with and understand these business owners than to engage in open, honest conversations with them about their web design needs. Our clients are not interested in adding several layers of bureaucracy to the process of web design; instead, they seek to be directly involved in one of the most important aspects of their business — their website.

Get To Know Us

Over the years, we’ve built up a team of web design and web marketing experts. Along with their unique backgrounds and pronounced talent, we’ve specifically chosen individuals who are sincere, kind, ambitious, and dedicated. This team of professionals is not only skilled — they’re genuinely committed to helping you improve your business.

Josh Worden

Josh Worden Owner & Creative Director

Even after 15+ years, Josh approaches web design with the same curiosity and tenacity as the first day he experimented with HTML. Always striving to truly understand each client’s vision, Josh has an unparalleled ability to provide his expert opinion while finding a tailored result that uniquely represents the client’s values. Our clients commend him time and time again for his unmatched customer service, lightning-fast response times, thorough web design solutions, and helpful, creative attitude.

Andrew Daniels

Andrew Daniels Lead Designer

With experience in layout, interface, and interactivity for the web, Andrew brings a strategic perspective to designing our clients’ websites. Gravitating toward minimal, simple design, he believes that the best websites organize information, provide a cohesive style, and ultimately lead to a better experience for the user. Andrew has been internationally recognized for his design work, and he enjoys solving complex problems with simple solutions.

Chloe Brooks

Chloe Brooks Content & Social Media Marketing

Chloe discovered content marketing as a way to combine her two loves of writing and educating others. As a content marketer she specializes in blogging and social media strategy. She incorporates storytelling techniques with hard data to create content an audience wants to see, and loves testing new strategies to learn when and where they want to see it. In her free time, Chloe enjoys reading about content strategy, freelancing, and millennials.

Jenn Totten

Jenn Totten Copy Director

A love of writing and fascination with brands led Jenn to a career in copywriting. For more than a decade she’s put pen to paper for businesses of all shapes and sizes, including some of the biggest names on the planet like Samsung and Google. But her real passion lies in developing language and messaging for the smaller companies of the world. If she can do it with a coffee in her hand and an ocean view outside her window, even better.

Brian Squillace

Brian Squillace Designer

Brian routinely tackles tough web design challenges, using art to simplify communication and improve user experience. He loves seeing the Trajectory team’s work come together in designs that are not only beautiful but also clear, purposeful, and functional. When he isn’t exercising his art, he enjoys hiking and rock climbing, traveling, and taking his two loving dogs to the ocean to swim and chase birds.

Amy Daniels

Amy Daniels Marketing

Writing has always been Amy’s passion. As a child, she dreamed up characters and pieced together books about their adventures. That same love of storytelling led her to the world of marketing, where she combines creative ideas and data-driven methods to excite and inform web users. Amy’s pieces on web design, marketing, and SEO have been published in more than 15 magazines.

We’d Love to Work with You

We love what we do because it means that we get to collaborate on complex web problems, create incredible websites, and help business owners make a meaningful impact in their customers’ lives. If you’d love to work with us, too, we encourage you to reach out. We’re looking forward to getting started.