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In today’s world, all the tools are there for companies of any size and means to make a bigger impact than ever before. It’s our privilege to help businesses take advantage of those tools and achieve digital growth beyond their expectations.

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At Trajectory, we don’t believe in putting too many cooks in the kitchen. We’re a lean but strong team of experts in our fields which means better, faster work for you with zero hand-holding required. Rumor has it we’re also lovely to work with.

Josh Worden

Josh Worden Owner & Creative Director

Even after 15+ years, Josh approaches web design with the same curiosity and tenacity as the first day he experimented with HTML. Always striving to truly understand each client’s vision, Josh has an unparalleled ability to provide his expert opinion while finding a tailored result that uniquely represents the client’s values. Our clients commend him time and time again for his unmatched customer service, lightning-fast response times, thorough web design solutions, and helpful, creative attitude.

Brian Squillace

Brian Squillace Designer

Brian routinely tackles tough web design challenges, using art to simplify communication and improve user experience. He loves seeing the Trajectory team’s work come together in designs that are not only beautiful but also clear, purposeful, and functional. When he isn’t exercising his art, he enjoys hiking and rock climbing, traveling, and taking his two loving dogs to the ocean to swim and chase birds.

Jenn Totten

Jenn Totten Copy Director

A love of writing and fascination with brands led Jenn to a career in copywriting. For more than a decade she’s put pen to paper for businesses of all shapes and sizes, including some of the biggest names on the planet like Samsung and Google. But her real passion lies in developing language and messaging for the smaller companies of the world. If she can do it with a coffee in her hand and an ocean view outside her window, even better.

Chloe Brooks

Chloe Brooks Content & Social Media Marketing

Chloe discovered content marketing as a way to combine her two loves of writing and educating others. As a content marketer she specializes in blogging and social media strategy. She incorporates storytelling techniques with hard data to create content an audience wants to see, and loves testing new strategies to learn when and where they want to see it. In her free time, Chloe enjoys reading about content strategy, freelancing, and millennials.

Andrew Daniels

Andrew Daniels Designer

With experience in layout, interface, and interactivity for the web, Andrew brings a strategic perspective to designing our clients’ websites. Gravitating toward minimal, simple design, he believes that the best websites organize information, provide a cohesive style, and ultimately lead to a better experience for the user. Andrew has been internationally recognized for his design work, and he enjoys solving complex problems with simple solutions.

Amy Daniels

Amy Daniels Marketing

Writing has always been Amy’s passion. As a child, she dreamed up characters and pieced together books about their adventures. That same love of storytelling led her to the world of marketing, where she combines creative ideas and data-driven methods to excite and inform web users. Amy’s pieces on web design, marketing, and SEO have been published in more than 15 magazines.

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Over the years we’ve built websites for clients of all kinds, from consulting firms to doggy day cares. While they’ve differed in size and industry, they all have one thing in common: they want their digital marketing done and they want it done right.

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