Responsive Website and Improved Search Engine Rankings for Golf Organization

Responsive Website and Improved Search Engine Rankings for Golf Organization


We worked with Georgia Junior Golf to create a user-friendly, responsive website for parents of junior golfers. We created a lightning-fast website that ranks well in search engines and brings in more visitors for Georgia Junior Golf. By working with Trajectory, Georgia Junior Golf now:

  • Ranks #1 on Google for 5/5 target keyword phrases. With a polished site structure, strategic headings, and a content audit, the Georgia Junior Golf website now ranks on page one, rank one for all five of its target keyword phrases.
  • Loads site content in just 0.4 seconds. By reducing HTTP requests, properly compressing images, and writing the site’s code from scratch, we reduced page loading times from 2.4 seconds to just 0.4 seconds.
  • Functions flawlessly across all devices. The Georgia Junior Golf website can now function perfectly on any device with any screen size — including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.
A user-friendly, responsive website.

About Georgia Junior Golf

Georgia Junior Golf, based in Atlanta, Georgia, is an organization managed by the official Georgia State Golf Association. They provide membership to junior golfers between the ages of 7 and 18. Georgia Junior Golf members can participate in many local, state, and national tournaments through the organization.

As an organization with a target demographic of golfers under the age of 18, Georgia Junior Golf’s needed to target the key decision makers of the household: the parents of these junior golfers. Their website needed to answer parents’ questions, ease their concerns, and make it simple for them to find information about membership with the organization.

The Georgia Junior Golf website
The redesigned website is clean and minimalistic

The Challenges

Prior to working with Trajectory, Georgia Junior Golf faced three main challenges in their web design needs:

  1. Ranked #1 for 2/5 target keyword phrases. Georgia Junior Golf’s five target keyword phrases included “atlanta junior golf,” “junior golf georgia,” “junior golf tournaments atlanta,” “junior golf tournaments georgia,” and “junior golf membership atlanta.” Though they ranked #1 in Google for two of these keyword phrases, Georgia Junior Golf knew they would see increased site visits if they could rank #1 for all five phrases.
  2. Loaded site content in 2.4 seconds. With each second that a web page takes to load, that site can see fewer visits and even lower rankings in search engines. Since 47% of users expect pages to load in less than two seconds, the 2.4-second loading time could lead to higher bounce rates and fewer conversions for Georgia Junior Golf.
  3. Didn’t function well on smartphones and tablets. More searches are conducted on mobile devices than on computers. With a site that was designed only for desktop devices, Georgia Junior Golf was missing out on opportunities to connect with users on smartphones and tablets.

The original Georgia Junior Golf website was an alright place for their current members to get information, but it needed improved search engine rankings, faster loading times, and functionality on all devices in order to attract new users to its organization.

How Trajectory Helped

We were committed to helping Georgia Junior Golf overcome these challenges, and we followed a strategic approach to make it happen:

1. We audited site structure and headings. There were several instances of Georgia Junior Golf’s targeted keyword phrases throughout the site, but simply including keywords throughout the site content isn’t enough. We audited their site structure to provide a more user-friendly experience and to improve the URL structure of each of their pages. This, in combination with new, keyword-rich headings throughout the site, added their target keywords to the key places Google uses to determine search engine rankings.

We placed CTAs strategically throughout the website

2. We lowered HTTP requests from 40 to 17. Two of the biggest factors that determine page speed are file size and HTTP requests. The original Georgia Junior Golf website was handling 40 HTTP requests, which we knew was one of the reasons it took 2.4 seconds to load. Our team looked for opportunities to reduce these requests by compressing images, combining files, and removing JavaScript elements.

3. We created a 100% responsive design. The solution to a website that’s only designed for desktop is not to create separate mobile-friendly and tablet-friendly versions — it’s to create a responsive design that adjusts to any screen size. Our professional web designers and developers crafted a 100% responsive website that will stand the test of time and function perfectly on any device and any screen size.

The redesigned website is optimized for mobile devices

The Results

Georgia Junior Golf’s redesigned website empowers them to expand their reach, strengthen their online identity, and attract new members to their organization. We addressed each of their three key challenges, and Georgia Junior Golf has experienced the following results:

  1. Increased visits and interest on their website. Now ranking in the first result on the first page for all five of their target keywords, Georgia Junior Golf can attract more Georgia parents who are looking for a junior golf organization for their kids. Whether they’re searching for junior golf tournaments or junior golf membership specifically, Georgia Junior Golf’s new website shows up first in their search results.
  2. A website that immediately captures users’ attention. It isn’t just that a slow website can send users away — a fast website can actually create an instant, positive first impression of the business. The average attention span of users is just 3 seconds. Now, the Georgia Junior Golf website immediately captures the user’s attention with a lightning-fast page load of 0.7 seconds.
  3. A responsive site that functions on any device. The new Georgia Junior Golf website is appealing and functional for any user on any device. Its responsive design also makes it future-proof, giving Georgia Junior Golf the confidence that their website redesign will benefit them for years to come.

The Georgia Junior Golf had more than just a facelift — it had a full overhaul on the back-end that has powerful effects on its search engine rankings, usability, and functionality. Their website redesign, with the help of the Trajectory team, enables them to reach and captivate their target market.

Georgia Junior Golf Website

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