Our Web Design Services

Our team is comprised of experts in a variety of fields, and we work together to consider every angle of your new website — resulting in a powerful, well-rounded site that’s more than just a pretty face. If you’re like many of our clients, you may have worked with a web design company that focused on limiting their services rather than actively helping you find solutions to your online problems. At Trajectory, we take a different approach.

Web Design & Development

Web Design Services

Web design is at the heart of what we do. Our experienced web designers focus on both aesthetics and functionality, always bringing a strategic perspective to the way they lay out and organize your website. We create responsive designs that function flawlessly on every device, consider the user’s thought process as they browse your site, and craft a design that’s consistent with your company’s branding.

From there, we hand-code your website from scratch. Why? Because handmade websites with 100% clean code perform better in search and provide a better browsing experience for the user. We take no shortcuts when building your site, resulting in lightning-fast loading times and a site that can grow with your business.

Content Strategy

Web Design Services

Content involves so much more than the words on your website. It involves your site structure, understanding user intent, and anticipating the needs of your website visitors. Our expert content marketers weigh in on the organization of your site from the very beginning, digging deeper to understand what your target audience really wants rather than adding generic words to the page.

We consider your company’s background, values, competitive advantage, search engine rankings, and tone to craft a message that tells a compelling story and provides a clear path for the user. We write natural, personable content that’s completely unique, professional, and helpful — giving your users access to all the information they’re looking for.

Web Marketing & SEO

Web Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

With strategic design, development, and content in place, your website will have a strong foundation for being found in search and providing an immaculate user experience. But, with the potential to provide the biggest ROI of all your marketing efforts, your website needs to be treated as a piece of marketing.

This means that a thorough understanding of SEO (search engine optimization) — and how it’s changing over time — is essential for a website that performs well throughout the years. Our team’s close knowledge of SEO informs our use of specific design elements, keywords, and site structure. We can also help you expand your reach through blogging, PPC, and social media, all pointing to your new and improved website.

Graphic / Logo Design

Graphic Design Services

Your logo is everywhere: on your business cards, website, marketing materials, and maybe even your company building. Do you feel like your logo is outdated or that it isn’t sending the best message it could? Chances are that your potential customers feel the same way, and that first glance at your logo could either heighten their interest or deplete it.

Our designers have years of experience crafting and refining logos, creating interesting graphic design elements, and developing a complete visual branding strategy for businesses in a wide variety of industries. From typography and color scheme to illustrations and photographs, we consider all of the elements that affect your users’ psychological perception of your brand.

Let’s Get Started

We are committed to approaching your website redesign with a deep understanding of each of the concepts above. Our clients consistently commend us for developing a website that’s functional, interesting, consistent, and results-driven. If these words describe what you want to see in your next website, let’s talk.