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We worked with Sing Out Loud Festival to develop an informative website to promote their music festival. By working with Trajectory, Sing Out Loud Festival:

  • Engages with more than 1,000 social media followers. Social media channels, especially Facebook, provide a convenient way for users to stay updated on upcoming events, but the Sing Out Loud Festival needed a website to link to in their marketing and press releases. We featured links to their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in the main navigation to draw users to their social media pages and grow their following.
  • Loads full site content within 1.3 seconds. The best music festival websites feature images and graphics — most commonly illustrations. We incorporated illustrations that matched the vibe for the Sing Out Loud Festival while keeping page load times low, which helped keep users on the site rather than navigating away.
  • Raised more than $12,000 for charity through ticket sales. Through their online presence, marketing efforts, and news stories, the Sing Out Loud Festival raised more than $12,000 for the OneOrlando Fund, a charity that supports the victims and survivors of the 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting.
The new design is modern, colorful, and bold

About Sing Out Loud Festival

Sing Out Loud Festival is the largest free music festival held in the greater St. Augustine, Florida area to date. Presented by Community First Credit Union, the festival featured more than 100 free performances by local and national artists over three weekends in late August and early September of 2016.

More than just an entertaining event for music lovers, the Sing Out Loud Festival’s purpose was to raise funds for OneOrlando Fund. Set up by Mayor Buddy Dyer, the OneOrlando Fund uses 100% of its proceeds to support the families and survivors of the 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting. The Sing Out Loud Festival provided a fun, upbeat event while raising much-needed support for a worthy cause.

The redesigned website functions across all devices
Sing Out Loud

The Challenges

Prior to working with Trajectory, Sing Out Loud Festival faced three main challenges in their web design needs:

  1. No centralized location for connecting with users. With the potential to attract tens of thousands of attendees to the event, Sing Out Loud Festival needed to partner with local news organizations and spread the word through social media. Without a website to guide people to in their marketing efforts, there was no central location for news outlets to link to and users to visit for more information.
  2. No logo, no illustrations, and no website. Social media sites only allow for so much customization, and the Sing Out Loud Festival needed a full website to showcase the event. They had a vision for vibrant illustrations and an eye-catching logo, but they didn’t want to compromise site speed to include these graphic elements.
  3. No consistent method for highlighting the OneOrlando Fund. With news sites planning to link to the Sing Out Loud Festival website, it was key that their site include a page outlining their partnership with the OneOrlando Fund. Without it, they were limited to social media channels, which aren’t the best way to highlight an important, fixed aspect of the festival.

The Sing Out Loud Festival needed a website as soon as possible so that they could spread the word about the event and share information about their partnership with the OneOrlando Fund well before the festival. They needed a fun, informative, and eye-catching website that generated interest and answered users’ questions about the event.

How Trajectory Helped

We were committed to helping Sing Out Loud Festival overcome these challenges, and we followed a strategic approach to make it happen:

1. We prominently featured social media links on the site. We included links to the Sing Out Loud Festival’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. While this information is typically included in the footer and/or on the contact page, we decided to prominently feature it just above the logo and main navigation, which would make it very clear to new users where they could go to get more connected with the festival.

Users can access the redesigned website from their mobile device

2. We created interesting designs and kept page loading fast. The team at the Sing Out Loud Festival was looking for a design that featured bright reds and blues, included a beach and/or lighthouse, and incorporated various illustrations throughout the site. They also wanted a logo that included a musical instrument. We added all of these elements to the site to provide visual interest, all while properly compressing files and reducing HTTP requests to keep the page loading times less than two seconds long.

The website features the full schedule for the music festival

3. We designed a website that Sing Out Loud Festival was proud to own. By including all the visual elements their team was looking for and designing a website that featured the information they wanted featured, we created a site that the team at the Sing Out Loud Festival was proud to own and proud to link to. After their site launch, they were able to share all the information about the festival with news outlets, donors, sponsors, and potential attendees, all helping them reach $12,000 in donations.

Our team was directly involved in each one of these steps. We had open, honest conversations with the Sing Out Loud Festival team and provided frequent updates to ensure that we were hitting the mark throughout the process.

Responsive design allows users to access the site from any device

The Results

When the Sing Out Loud Festival website launched, their team had a playful, informative, and memorable online presence that they could use to increase ticket sales and bring in more donations. We addressed each of their three key challenges, and the Sing Out Loud Festival experienced the following results:

  1. A well-rounded online presence with more than 1,000 followers. Their website provided a central place where users could learn about the festival and find Sing Out Loud Festival’s social media channels. In addition to generating traffic to their website, the Sing Out Loud Festival team was able to connect with more than 1,000 followers.
  2. A graphic-heavy, yet extremely fast, browsing experience for users. Their website provides the perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality. Users to the site were immediately welcomed with engaging graphics as well as fast page load times, increasing the likelihood that they would stay on the site and keep bounce rates low.
  3. A platform to aid them in raising more than $12,000 for charity. With a strong website to send users to, the Sing Out Loud Festival hit the ground running in their marketing efforts after their website launch. By linking to the site in press releases, and on their social media channels, they were able to bring in nearly 15,000 attendees and more than $12,000 in donations to the OneOrlando Fund.

The Sing Out Loud Festival website was exactly what their team was looking for and exactly what they needed to garner interest in the event. Their website, with the help of Trajectory, enabled them to put together a fun, enjoyable, and successful show that ultimately helped the community.

The redesigned website increased ticket sales that benefitted charity

“Trajectory is always responsive and eager to please! We've had several great interactions with the owner, Josh Worden, and found that from the most difficult setup to the easiest update, Trajectory has done a standup job!”

— St Augustine Amphitheater

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