We partnered with Cellofoam to redesign their website and better organize an extensive catalog of widely-used products.

Cellofoam's website homepage

Cellofoam is a well-known and reliable material supplier for commercial, residential, and industrial construction. They approached Trajectory with an outdated website and a cumbersome catalog of products, resources, and documents. We collaborated to modernize their digital presence and make it easier for users to find their products.

Responsive design on an iPad

A fresh look for an established company

Cellofoam, like many well-known industrial companies, built its business without the need for digital assets. We worked with them to create a new digital image and message that meets the needs of today's customers.

Good information architecture

An easy-to-navigate library of products

Cellofoam manufactures a large variety of building materials, from homeowner and residential products to insulation and rotational molds for large commercial companies. We worked to better organize their products and product categories, so users can quickly find what they need.

A searchable document library

An extensive resource library for customers

Cellofoam has a large library of resources and documents, as many of their products require technical specifications. We created a custom document library for their website, allowing users to easily search and find the materials they need.

A screenshot of Craft CMS

An intuitive and flexible site

We built Cellofoam's website using Craft, an intuitive CMS. This allows Cellofoam's internal marketing team to customize and update their website with ease, without any technical difficulties.

“Trajectory was the most professional and responsive of the six firms I interviewed and acquired bids from for our website development effort. Their service, marketing guidance, and responsiveness were exceptional. Very highly recommend.”

5-star rating
Harry K.

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