Comedy Fitness

We worked with Comedy Fitness, a personal training company, to develop a website for their podcast and training services.

Responsive website design for fitness podcast

Comedy Fitness is run by Don Grey, an Atlanta-based personal trainer, comedian, and life coach. He studied exercise science and video production in school and, after graduating, he worked as a personal trainer for celebrities such as Chuck Woolery, Kirk Franklin, and Macy Gray.

We created a website that’s optimized for mobile devices

A steady stream of new visitors

The new website acts as a centralized location for all things related to Comedy Fitness. In addition to Don sharing the website with listeners, the website regularly gains new visitors through organic search results and the Comedy Fitness podcast following has increased.

The new website is modern, clean, and engaging

A following of thousands

The combined effort of Don’s reputation and the social media integration with the website has led to a Comedy Fitness following of thousands, allowing Don to connect with his listeners in several places online.

The new website functions across all devices

Engagement across a variety of podcast channels

The free Comedy Fitness podcasts are available for immediate streaming through the website as well as through Apple Podcasts and SoundCloud, providing users a variety of convenient methods for tuning in and even downloading the podcast episodes.

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