We teamed up with Excelerra, a sales CRM software company, to design their website.

Excelerra homepage design

Excelerra is a CRM software company that caters to small and mid-sized businesses. After redefining their product and target market, they approached Trajectory to create a brand new website.

A clean, minimalistic website design on an Ipad

A clean and inviting design

We wanted to create a look that would let the software stand out, yet still be visually appealing. The outcome is a minimalistic design with subtle touches of color and pattern, as well as plenty of product images.

A pricing comparison layout on a website

Showcasing a comprehensive product

Visitors need an overview of the software quickly and simply. We created a clean, easy-to-read product page with all the highlights and a video overview. The resulting site is direct and easy to navigate.

Calls to action on a mobile phone

Designed to make the sale

Excelerra's website is their primary sales and marketing tool. We designed each page to drive sales, with clear calls to action. After purchase, customers can log in to their password-protected portal from the site.

A fast, secure website

Wasting no one’s time

No salesperson wants to keep a customer waiting, so we designed Excelerra's website to be lightning fast and secure. This provides excellent usability, conversion rates, and SEO rankings.

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