Four Plus Corporation

We worked with Four Plus Corporation, a real estate investment company, to completely redesign their website.

Four Plus Corporation is a well-established, family-owned investment firm specializing in long-term, sustainable real estate opportunities. With a robust portfolio spanning commercial, retail, office, and industrial properties across the eastern United States, they work towards maintaining a legacy of growth for future generations.

Four Plus Corporation Website
Four Plus Corporation Website Design

Engaging content with purpose

At the heart of our web design is the strategic delivery of content. By arranging the company's rich history, expansive property portfolio, and dynamic leadership highlights in a storytelling manner, the site captures audience's attention and prompts engagement. Strategic placement of call-to-action buttons guides users towards meaningful interactions, while SEO-friendly content enhances the site's visibility on search engines. Throughout the site, we showcase Four Plus Corporation's mission, bridging the connection between the company's values and their target audience.

Four Plus Corporation Website Design

Smart design for future-focused investment

We centered the design and development of the Four Plus Corporation website on the principles of immersion, speed, and interaction. Stunning photos were deployed across the site to breathe life into the property listings and draw users in. We prioritized website speed and performance to ensure that users can quickly and smoothly navigate through the property portfolios. Additionally, interactive property exploration features were incorporated to offer a hands-on feel to potential investors.

Sustaining success with post-launch support

Our partnership with Four Plus did not end at the website launch. We maintain continuous support to ensure uninterrupted site performance and growth. This includes making necessary updates as requested, providing a guarantee of site uptime, and maintaining a vigilant watch for security updates. We also actively monitor analytics and insights, allowing us to understand user behavior better and make data-informed decisions for the website's continuous improvement.

Four Plus Corporation Website Design

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