Georgia Junior Golf

We worked with Georgia Junior Golf, a subsidiary of the GSGA, to create a user-friendly, responsive website.

GJG website

Georgia Junior Golf, based in Atlanta, Georgia, is an organization managed by the official Georgia State Golf Association. They provide membership to junior golfers between the ages of 7 and 18. Georgia Junior Golf members can participate in many local, state, and national tournaments through the organization.

The redesigned website is clean and minimalistic

Increased visits and interest

Now ranking in the first result on the first page for all five of their target keywords, Georgia Junior Golf can attract more Georgia parents who are looking for a junior golf organization for their kids. Whether they’re searching for junior golf tournaments or junior golf membership specifically, Georgia Junior Golf’s new website shows up first in their search results.

Fast loading website

A website that immediately captures users’ attention

It isn’t just that a slow website can send users away — a fast website can actually create an instant, positive first impression of the business. The average attention span of users is just 3 seconds. Now, the Georgia Junior Golf website immediately captures the user’s attention with a lightning-fast page load of 0.7 seconds.

The redesigned website is optimized for mobile devices

A responsive site that functions on any device

The new Georgia Junior Golf website is appealing and functional for any user on any device. Its responsive design also makes it future-proof, giving Georgia Junior Golf the confidence that their website redesign will benefit them for years to come.

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