We teamed up with Keydabra, an AI software company, to design a website for their startup.

Keydabra website

Keydabra is an AI software company helping marketers boost engagement on their websites. Relaunching their company to compete at a higher level, they came to Trajectory for a new website.

Clean web design

For our first trick: Clean and inviting design

Software websites need to feature the product without sacrificing visual interest. We pulled a design out of our hats that allows the software to shine against a colorful, branded background, with clean and easy-to-read text to educate the user.

Custom web design

Custom graphics created out of thin air

Coming up with engaging imagery for an intangible product can be a challenge. We used the Keydabra magic-themed name and logo as inspiration for eye-catching graphics on every page to help highlight all this platform can do.

Mobile website design

Designed to make sales appear

Keydabra relies on their website to drive brand awareness and demo requests. We made sure that each page features a strong call to action to ensure interested customers convert. After purchase, buyers can return to the site and log in to their password-protected portal.

Fast website development

Speed that’s no illusion

In the tech space (and all spaces today, really) customers wait for no one. That’s why we designed on one of the fastest and most secure platforms around. With a fast, usable, SEO friendly website, Keydabra has the website to back up its expertise.

“Trajectory built us a great website, trained us on how to use it, and was incredibly patient with us during development of the site. I would highly recommend them.”

5-star rating
Matthew Travis Tanner

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