Lannan Foundation

We worked with Lannan Foundation, a culture and arts non-profit, to redesign their website.

Lannan Foundation is a nonprofit that supports exceptional contemporary artists, writers, and activists through its art, cultural freedom, indigenous communities, and literary programs. Lannan Foundation approached Trajectory to redesign its aging and unwieldy website.

Our strategy: from complexity to clarity

Our strategic approach began with an extensive audit of the legacy site, which was comprised of tens of thousands of old pages and URLs. We leveraged this analysis to redesign the site’s information architecture, focusing on streamlining the user navigation and enhancing the overall user experience.

A staggering collection of exceptional art

The site features an expansive archive of over 2500 art pieces, a testament to the diverse and vibrant creativity the organization supports. This collection is not just large; it's meticulously organized to be easily searchable and navigable, ensuring a user-friendly art exploration experience.

An extensive media archive

The website hosts a remarkable collection of recorded discussions, interviews, and performances, featuring hundreds of renowned writers, artists, and activists. Spanning decades, this media archive serves as a valuable chronicle of cultural and social commentary. We designed the archive to be easily searchable, facilitating effortless access to these timeless voices and moments.

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