When designing a website for an industrial or manufacturing company, it's important to prioritize functionality and efficiency. This can be achieved by using a clean and organized layout, with clear headings and calls to action and easy navigation. It's also important to provide detailed product and service details, including technical specifications, certifications, and compliance information.
Website design for Accord Ventilation

Accord Ventilation

We partnered with Accord Ventilation, manufacturer of air ventilation products, to redesign their website.

Key outcomes for Accord Ventilation:

An easy-to-navigate digital catalog of their full product range

A modern design that feels fresh and current

A fast, secure, and easily editable backend

Website design for Fly By Night
B2C, Manufacturing

Fly By Night

We partnered with Fly By Night, a renowned furniture store, to design a new website to showcase their products.

Key outcomes for Fly By Night:

Beautiful photography and compelling content to share their commitment to sustainability and custom-crafted pieces

Intuitive site architecture and navigation tailored around customer purchase journey

Robust product organization and details to drive showroom visits and purchases

Website design for CET Color
Manufacturing, Technology

CET Color

We worked with CET Color, a manufacturer of digital printers, to design a colorful new website.

Key outcomes for CET Color:

A stronger visual brand and messaging

A fast, secure, futureproofed website built in an easy-to-use CMS

A clean user interface with clear calls to action

Website design for Sohacki Industries

Sohacki Industries

We worked with Sohacki Industries, a leading high-precision machine shop, to give them a new, modern website.

Key outcomes for Sohacki Industries:

Strong strategic position in the marketplace and clear messaging

More easily found on search engines, through any device

A site that’s easy to update and expand as the business evolves

Website design for Masterack


We teamed up with Masterack, a commercial vehicle manufacturer, to design their new website.

Key outcomes for Masterack:

A sleek, modern website for an established brand

A custom location search feature to find local vendors

An expansive product catalog optimized for conversion

Website design for Cellofoam


We partnered with Cellofoam to redesign their website and better organize an extensive catalog of widely-used products.

Key outcomes for Cellofoam:

A modern look for an established company

An easy-to-use website with accessible and organized products

An organized library of documents and resources


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