Mr. Stat

We teamed up with Mr. Stat, a collector of Georgia golf champion records, to give its massive database a digital home.

Mr stat website

Mr. Stat is a one-of-a-kind organization that maintains the largest record of golf champions in the state of Georgia. Not just modern-day winners of major tournaments, either—but winners of high school, amateur, local, junior, senior tournaments and more throughout history. Mr. Stat came to us seeking a more functional and sophisticated digital presence to house its massive list of records.

iPad website design

A high-performing site for a huge data set

With hundreds of thousands of results in the Mr. Stat database, we needed to ensure the user experience would be fast and reliable. We helped Mr. Stat organize its records and then built the site from scratch, implementing efficient coding and powerful hosting to make it all run smoothly and at high speeds.

Clean website design

A fresh and friendly design

To reflect the grassroots, collaborative nature of the Mr. Stat brand, we designed the site to feel inviting and not too serious. We kept the vintage, handmade logo (drawn by Mr. Stat’s young child years ago) but gave the rest of the site a modern facelift.

Web sitesearch feature

Quick and easy search

One of the primary features of the Mr. Stat website is to allow users to find a historical golf record they may be looking for. We made the database both browsable and searchable so it’s simple to locate any record, no matter how obscure.

Easily updated website

A simple way to add to the data

With records constantly being added to Mr. Stat’s database, the organization needed an easy way to add new entries on its own. We made sure to build the site using a simple CMS that allows Mr. Stat to quickly and accurately input new records.

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