When designing a website for a non-profit organization, it's important to prioritize clear communication and emotional engagement. This can be achieved through the use of visually engaging design elements such as high-quality images and videos that tell the story of the organization's mission, impact and the people they serve. It's also important to make it easy for visitors to learn about the organization's programs, services, and events, as well as to donate or volunteer.
Website design for Ronald McDonald House Charities

Ronald McDonald House Charities

We partnered with a regional chapter of the Ronald McDonald House Charities to entirely overhaul their website.

Key outcomes for Ronald McDonald House Charities:

A friendly, welcoming website for families and volunteers

An entirely redesigned site structure, optimized for user experience

Conversion optimization to drive donation and fundraising initiatives

Website design for Lannan Foundation

Lannan Foundation

We worked with Lannan Foundation, a culture and arts non-profit, to redesign their website.

Key outcomes for Lannan Foundation:

A strategic restructuring of tens of thousands of pages

An interactive visual collection of over 2500+ art pieces

An extensive archive of video and audio interviews that spans decades

Website design for Data for Democracy
Non-profit, SaaS, Technology

Data for Democracy

We partnered with Data for Democracy, a global not-for-profit community, to give them a new home online.

Key outcomes for Data for Democracy:

A secure website that’s less vulnerable to hacking

Clean, welcoming design and content that translates internationally

Any team member can make site updates quickly and easily

Website design for Sing Out Loud

Sing Out Loud

We worked with Sing Out Loud, the largest free music festival in Florida, to develop an exciting new website.

Key outcomes for Sing Out Loud:

Thousands of dollars raised for charity through ticket sales

Engaging design with fast loading speed

Engages with tens of thousands of social media followers

Website design for Mr. Stat

Mr. Stat

We teamed up with Mr. Stat, a collector of Georgia golf champion records, to give its massive database a digital home.

Key outcomes for Mr. Stat:

Offers a fast and efficient website experience for anyone looking for Georgia golf records

Has a professional presence that legitimizes the brand and helps recruit sponsors

Can easily add records to its growing database using a simple CMS

Website design for Georgia Junior Golf

Georgia Junior Golf

We worked with Georgia Junior Golf, a subsidiary of the GSGA, to create a user-friendly, responsive website.

Key outcomes for Georgia Junior Golf:

Ranks #1 on Google for target keyword phrases

Functions flawlessly across all devices

Loads site content in just 0.4 seconds

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