When designing a website for a technology company, it's important to prioritize innovation, functionality, and user-friendliness. This can be achieved by using a clean and modern design that showcases the company's technological capabilities and innovations. It's also important to provide detailed information about the company's products, services, and technical specifications.
Website design for CET Color
Manufacturing, Technology

CET Color

We worked with CET Color, a manufacturer of digital printers, to design a colorful new website.

Key outcomes for CET Color:

A stronger visual brand and messaging

A fast, secure, futureproofed website built in an easy-to-use CMS

A clean user interface with clear calls to action

Website design for Data for Democracy
Non-profit, SaaS, Technology

Data for Democracy

We partnered with Data for Democracy, a global not-for-profit community, to give them a new home online.

Key outcomes for Data for Democracy:

A secure website that’s less vulnerable to hacking

Clean, welcoming design and content that translates internationally

Any team member can make site updates quickly and easily

Website design for TechMates


We worked with TechMates, a mobile iPhone repair service, to build a high-performing website for their business.

Key outcomes for TechMates:

Search-friendly content to bring in new leads

Fast and simple booking functionality

Easy to update as the business grows

Website design for SRT Systems

SRT Systems

We worked with SRT Systems, an IT solutions company, to develop a stand-out new website.

Key outcomes for SRT Systems:

Fast and secure website that matches their IT expertise

Competitive IT solutions on a site that outperforms their competitors

A site that represents their dependable and personalized customer support

Website design for Seequelle
Consulting, Technology


We worked with Seequelle, a team of professional technology consultants, to overhaul and redesign their website.

Key outcomes for Seequelle:

68% faster website loading speed

167% more content throughout the site

Cleaner, modernized brand aesthetic

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