Responsive Website & Online Marketing for Real Estate Company

Responsive website design for real estate company


We worked with Mountain Country Realty to develop a responsive real estate website, create lead-generating PPC campaigns, and maintain ongoing SEO efforts. By working with Trajectory, Mountain Country Realty now:

  • Provides a user-friendly, responsive website for home and land buyers. We hand-coded a fully responsive website, making the Mountain Country Realty website extremely fast and user-friendly across all devices.
  • Experiences an increase of MLS searches on their website. We developed an advanced MLS search feature that allows users to filter their search by price, size, area, and even mountain/lake/river views.
  • Experiences a 200% increase in inbound leads. We’ve developed and maintained PPC campaigns and SEO efforts that have resulted in a 200% increase of inbound leads within the first few weeks of launch.
The redesigned website is designed to convert users

About Mountain Country Realty

Mountain Country Realty, located in Blue Ridge, Georgia, specializes in North Georgia Mountain real estate. Their team of realtors has more than 15 years of experience serving the areas of Blue Ridge, Ellijay, Blairsville, Jasper, Young Harris, Hiawassee, and the surrounding towns of the Blue Ridge Mountain area.

As natives of the Blue Ridge Mountain region, the team at Mountain Country Realty offers their local expertise to help individuals buy and sell log cabins, homes, land, commercial properties, lakefront properties, and developments. They also work with individuals who are interested in rental investment opportunities in the area.

Mountain Country Realty emphasizes their ability to guide individuals through every step of the real estate process. They offer expert guidance regarding lenders, builders, inspectors, appraisers, and developers, giving buyers and sellers the tools they need to complete their real estate transactions successfully.

The new website is designed to function across all devices
The redesigned real estate website is optimized for mobile devices

The Challenges

Prior to working with Trajectory, Mountain Country Realty faced three main challenges in their web design needs:

  1. High bounce rates and poor user experience. Mountain Country Realty’s previous design was not responsive, which led to a poor user experience for customers on smartphones and tablets. Its lack of professional design also led to slow page loading time, resulting in higher bounce rates, or users who left the site shortly after entering it.
  2. Few users conducting MLS searches. Perhaps the greatest sales tool on the Mountain Country Realty website, the MLS search feature allowed leads to search for homes and land in the area and contact the team to get started. Its previous design didn’t feature the search, leading to missed opportunities with interested users.
  3. A low number of inbound leads. The team at Mountain Country Realty was interested in generating inbound leads through their website. In addition to an SEO-friendly website, they needed professional PPC management and ongoing SEO to drive users to their site without pouring all of their company resources into the project.

Mountain Country Realty had great face-to-face experiences with their customers, helping them buy their dream homes in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Their website failed to provide the same great experience, leading to missed customers and missed opportunities.

How Trajectory Helped

We were committed to helping Mountain Country Realty overcome these challenges, and we followed a strategic approach to make this happen:

1. We designed a responsive website with the user in mind. Our team of web designers and web developers worked together to design and create a website with a great user experience. We utilized responsive design to develop a website that functions quickly and efficiently across all devices and included clear navigation to simplify the user’s browsing experience.

The redesigned real estate website is optimized for mobile devices

2. We created and strategically placed their website’s best feature. Knowing that most home and land buyers want to see updated MLS listings, we created a convenient MLS search feature on the Mountain Country Realty website. We showcased this feature prominently on the homepage so that the user doesn’t have to scroll and search to find it.

The MLS search feature encourages users to convert to customers

3. We launched and managed successful PPC and SEO campaigns. We worked together with Mountain Country Realty to understand which keyword phrases they wanted to target. We conceptualized, designed, and wrote content for PPC ads and SEO-friendly blog posts that would draw users to the Mountain Country Realty website and — more importantly — become high-quality leads.

Our team was closely involved during each one of these steps. We had conversations with the Mountain Country Realty team to understand their needs and their vision for their business.

We created a visually engaging design that draws users in

The Results

When Mountain Country Realty’s new website launched, their team had an online interface that attracted their target market, provided a powerful user experience, and encouraged users to conduct an MLS search and contact the team. We addressed each of their three key challenges, and they have experienced the following results:

  1. Extremely fast loading speeds and decreased bounce rates. The new Mountain Country Realty website fully loads in just over one second. With responsive design, quick page load speeds, and a smart user experience, Mountain Country Realty has experienced decreased bounce rates and increased conversion rates.
  2. An increase in MLS searches from interested customers. The MLS search feature is a key element of Mountain Country Realty’s website, enabling them to assist users at the pique of their interest. With its improved functionality and strategic placement, the MLS search is now more commonly utilized by users, giving Mountain Country Realty the opportunity to connect with a wider audience.
  3. A 200% increase in inbound leads in a matter of weeks. In addition to inbound leads from organic search, Mountain Country Realty has experienced an increase in leads through their new PPC campaigns and ongoing SEO efforts. By providing continuous maintenance on these campaigns, our team has been able to fine-tune them and provide an exponential increase of leads to the Mountain Country Realty team.

Mountain Country Realty’s owner, Holly Nelson, told us early on that she wanted a complete website redesign and a new, SEO-friendly site. Their website went from existing in the background to acting as a main driving force of new leads and customers. The Mountain Country Realty website redesign, with the help of Trajectory, now enables them to provide a phenomenal user experience across all devices, quickly provide assistance to website visitors, and connect with more leads.

The redesigned website is updated and modern

“Trajectory has been amazing to work with. They were extremely professional and very prompt. Josh listened to what we wanted and the ending result was an absolutely beautiful and navigable website, which was our goal. I look forward to working with them many, many, many years.”

— Holly Nelson

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