When designing a website for a B2C (business-to-consumer) company, it's important to prioritize user-friendliness, engagement and conversion. This can be achieved by using a clean, visually appealing and easy-to-navigate design. It's also vital to make it easy for visitors to find information about products or services and perform tasks such as purchasing, booking, or requesting more information.
Website design for Fly By Night
B2C, Manufacturing

Fly By Night

We partnered with Fly By Night, a renowned furniture store, to design a new website to showcase their products.

Key outcomes for Fly By Night:

Beautiful photography and compelling content to share their commitment to sustainability and custom-crafted pieces

Intuitive site architecture and navigation tailored around customer purchase journey

Robust product organization and details to drive showroom visits and purchases

Website design for MLW Surfaces
B2C, Construction

MLW Surfaces

We collaborated with MLW Surfaces, a tile and stone supplier, to deliver a comprehensive website redesign.

Key outcomes for MLW Surfaces:

A visually immersive, user-friendly website that effortlessly guides customers through thousands of products and collections

Effective calls-to-action and strategic content placement that enhances user engagement and leads generation

A secure, login-protected dealer portal for privileged access to pricing sheets and documents

Website design for Hound Playground

Hound Playground

We worked with Hound Playground, a dog boarding and daycare facility, to develop a modern and playful website.

Key outcomes for Hound Playground:

Offers consistent marketing material online and offline

Provides an easy online scheduling tool for customers

Provides strong aesthetics and functionality across all devices

Website design for Dallas Wayne Boot Company

Dallas Wayne Boot Company

We worked with Dallas Wayne Boot Company, a brick-and-mortar business located in Valdosta, Georgia, to develop a powerful website.

Key outcomes for Dallas Wayne Boot Company:

A boost in sales through their website

Consistent experience to a wider audience of customers

Engages with more than 4,500 social media followers

Website design for Comedy Fitness

Comedy Fitness

We worked with Comedy Fitness, a personal training company, to develop a website for their podcast and training services.

Key outcomes for Comedy Fitness:

Centralized place for users to find their podcasts

Connects with thousands of social media followers

3 methods for users to tune in to their podcasts

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