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4 Vital Functions of Your Website’s Homepage

We talk a lot on this blog about the elements of a good website. But before you spend hours of valuable time fine-tuning your font size, it’s important to make sure it performs every function a good website should. And for most small businesses, that process starts with the homepage. Not sure what your homepage should do? Read on as we share the 4 most vital functions of your website’s homepage.

8 Tweaks to Improve Your Website Copy in 30 Minutes or Less

The written content on your website pages is what lets visitors know what your company is all about and why they should want to do business with you. But words are powerful, and if you’re not careful, your website copy could wind up telling customers something entirely different than what you intended. Here are 8 ways to improve your website copy.

10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Web Design Agency

Whatever web design agency you choose to work with had better know what they’re doing and have the work samples to prove it. And while you should trust the professionals to do their job well, it’s still important to vet them properly so that you end up with a design team that understands your vision and can deliver on it at a price that works for you. So how do you go about hiring a web design agency, anyway?

15+ Stats You Should Know When Redesigning Your Website

Over the years we’ve been in business, we’ve learned that it’s always a good idea to start with data. What do your visitors look for when they arrive at your website? What makes them stay, and what sends them running to a competitor? We’ve run the numbers, and what we’ve found may surprise you. Here are 15+ statistics you should know before starting a major web design project.

5 Important Steps to Take After Launching Your Newly Redesigned Website

For months now you’ve waited as a better version of your site was built, and now it’s finally live and ready for visitors. You may feel like you’re completely done once your site launches, but chances are, there are still a few key things left to do for it to be completely ready. Here are 5 important steps to take after your website redesign.

Web Design Myths: Debunking the 10 Most Common Misconceptions About Websites

Do you know how many pages the ideal website has? Or which page on your website is the most important? It seems every week we hear a new misconception about what a website should or should not include. We’re debunking 10 of the most commonly believed web design myths in the hopes that they can help you and your business.

Best of 2017: Our Top 10 Web Design Blog Posts From Last Year

From old features to ditch, new features to include, and tips to engage website visitors, we made a point to educate and provide value with each article we published in 2017. This week we’ve rounded up our 10 most popular articles from last year so that you can start the new year with our best tips in one easy-to-reach place.

5 Things Google Wants to See on Your Website

When it comes to getting more traffic to your website, there’s nothing quite as powerful as Google. Google owns 68% of the search engine market share, which means well over half of the world defaults to it for their internet searches. Clearly, Google has some pull with your potential customers.

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