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4 Web Design Trends to Ditch in 2018

While countless small business owners toil away to bring in business online, their outdated, slow websites are actually turning customers off. Has it been awhile since your business website got some TLC? If so, keep reading, because we’re listing the most important web design trends to ditch in 2018.

5 Things Google Wants to See on Your Website

When it comes to getting more traffic to your website, there’s nothing quite as powerful as Google. Google owns 68% of the search engine market share, which means well over half of the world defaults to it for their internet searches. Clearly, Google has some pull with your potential customers.

5 Ways a DIY Website can Spell Disaster for Your Business

DIY website builders often come with a whole slew of problems that don’t manifest themselves until you’ve already used up your web design budget. From hidden costs to unoriginal designs and crippled SEO, here are some of the biggest ways a DIY website can spell disaster for your business.

4 Reasons Why You Need to Make Mobile-Friendly Web Design a Priority

If you don’t have a mobile-friendly website for your small business, you’re missing out on countless opportunities to convert visitors into customers. Here’s why you need to make mobile-friendly web design a priority.

Digital Marketing for Restaurants: An Essential Guide

Before you panic and give up altogether, take a deep breath — we’ve put together a list of the top 10 essential digital marketing strategies for restaurants that will bring your business up to speed and draw more diners to your table, without doing your head in.

7 Modern Web Design Elements Your Atlanta Business Website Needs

An outdated website can actually turn visitors off instead of converting them into customers. Most small business websites perform better with some fresh updates. Here is a list of some that your business website should include.

Do You Need a New Website? 3 Ways to Find Out

If you do a Google search for signs that you need a new website, you’ll find a lot of blogs from web design companies listing off countless reasons that you need a completely new website. But do you really? Let’s cut through the nonsense with three ways to know if you need a new site.

What You Need to Know About Content Marketing

Content marketing is a relatively new term, roughly 10x more searched in 2017 than it was in 2007. So what could it mean for your business? We’ll show you what content marketing is, what it isn’t, and how your business can use it to see 4-8x traffic and a 3700% ROI. (Yes, it’s really possible!)

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