When designing a website for a construction company, it's important to prioritize professionalism, credibility, and showcasing the company's portfolio of work. This can be achieved by using a clean and professional design, featuring high-quality images of the company's completed projects, and prominently displaying the company's qualifications and certifications.
Website design for Gunnin Land Survey

Gunnin Land Survey

We partnered with Gunnin Land Surveying to redesign their website.

Key outcomes for Gunnin Land Survey:

An intuitive site architecture and user experience

Engaging content and storytelling that conveys expertise

A strategic approach focused on growth

Website design for North Georgia Concrete

North Georgia Concrete

We partnered with North Georgia Concrete to overhaul their website, highlighting their trusted expertise and specialized services in the concrete construction sector.

Key outcomes for North Georgia Concrete:

A visually rich and engaging interface highlighting high-quality photos and videos of NGC’s innovative projects

A high-performing, secure website with seamless responsiveness across all devices

Intuitive and user-friendly design with streamlined navigation, providing an excellent user experience and showcasing NGC’s values and services

Website design for MLW Surfaces
B2C, Construction

MLW Surfaces

We collaborated with MLW Surfaces, a tile and stone supplier, to deliver a comprehensive website redesign.

Key outcomes for MLW Surfaces:

A visually immersive, user-friendly website that effortlessly guides customers through thousands of products and collections

Effective calls-to-action and strategic content placement that enhances user engagement and leads generation

A secure, login-protected dealer portal for privileged access to pricing sheets and documents

Website design for Rite-Way Foundations

Rite-Way Foundations

We worked with Rite-Way Foundations, a concrete contractor, to transform their online presence.

Key outcomes for Rite-Way Foundations:

A high-performing new website that drives new leads

A 3x increase in qualified leads and 15x increase in traffic

An engaging project portfolio that demonstrates expertise

Website design for Windamir Construction

Windamir Construction

We worked with Windamir, a federal and military contractor, to create a robust new website.

Key outcomes for Windamir Construction:

A clean, fresh design that stands out among the competition

Well-organized user-driven content

Quick loading speeds and high security

Website design for Pelorus


We worked with Pelorus, a home inspection company, to build a modern website for their Atlanta-based startup.

Key outcomes for Pelorus:

A fast, easy-to-use website for a new business

A new platform to outline an array of services

A modern website to showcase client testimonials and trust building content


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